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Why Choose Us

ApiSave™ is a science-based natural extract made from a grass-status plant that is proven to work against diseases that kill pollinators such as honey bees.

  • Scienced-based

  • Natural

  • Eliminates 99.9% of pathogens

  • Non antibiotic

  • Works against multi-drug resistant pathogens

We help bee keepers of all kinds.

Need a hand with the health of your pollinators? Reach out to us. We have a solution to protect your pollinators and honey bees from threats in their environment.


ApiSave™ for Stakeholders

Continuing to advance the science of honeybee health by solving challenges surrounding colony loss, honey residue, and antibiotic resistance.


ApiSave™ For Honey Makers

ApiSave™ does not introduce harmful residues into the honey, protecting the consumer and increasing the value of the honey.


ApiSave™ For Pollinators

ApiSave™ protects valuable honeybees from pests such as foulbrood and Varroa mite, maintaining the health of bee colonies.

Why Industry Supports Us

Early results from NRCS research (for the ApiSave product) indicate a potential solution for these (bee health) problems. The Canadian Honey Council wholeheartedly endorses any support to expedite and enhance its research capabilities. Our industry needs a quick solution to an urgent problem, and any step toward improved hive management cannot come too soon.

Rod Scarlett

Executive Director
Canadian Honey Council

The Alberta Beekeepers Commission see this work (the development of ApiSave) as critical to the longer-term health of honey bees and the sustainability of Alberta’s commercial beekeeping industry.

Connie Phillips

Executive Director
Alberta Beekeepers Commission

American and European foulbrood infections threatens the sustainability and profitability of beekeeping in Canada, and I am excited to support Nature Recombined Sciences and Chinook Contract Research in pursuing alternatives to control the spread of these bacterial diseases.

Patricia Wolf Veiga

National Bee Diagnostic Center

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Let’s Work Together

Let's work together to save bees from diseases, pesticides, and habitat loss.

If you are a commercial beekeeper, government organization or private beekeeper who is interested in this initiative, we would like to talk with you.

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